Monza Auto specializes in all German imports as well as Asian imports.

  • Repairs

    Engine, Suspension, Transmission, Electrical, Brakes, Suspension, Powertrain, Exhaust.

    BG Maintenance Services

    BG Automotive Maintenance Services are designed to make vehicles perform better and last longer.


    Replacement and adjustment of parts and components in the electrical and fuel systems of your vehicle for the purpose of attaining optimum performance.

    Oil, Filter Change (OFC)

    Oil and filter change, Check: tire pressure; exterior lights; CV boots. Vehicle specific oil is used, incl. Castrol, Motul, LubroMoly.


    Interior & Exterior – Shampoo, Clean all plastic including seats. Clean windows, door jams & condition leather, if applicable. Rinse exterior & shammy, as well as a tire shine. Power polish is also available upon request.


    Maintenance Inspection, Insurance Inspection, Pre-purchase Inspection, Out Of Province Inspection.